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Our development products will support you in creating high performance database applications in modern object oriented development systems based on relational databases.

RC.Sql Product Logo
RC.Sql is a class library for database access on relational databases and is written in C#. With RC.Sql access for data manipulation can be implemented without great effort. RC.Sql makes fully object oriented database access possible using object oriented statements. For its part each statement consists of objects (select-, from-, where-clause,...), so any part of it can easily and quickly be reused or rebuilt.
Programs built with RC.Sql are independent of the underlying relational database system. The database specific syntax will be processed by the class library automatically.
RC.Sql makes it easy to create highly readable code, which makes the maintenance of the application much more efficient. Through the fully object oriented approach a programmer will quickly be able to work with already existing code. So, much times can be saved and the amount of potential error sources is minimized.

RC.Dbo Product Logo
RC.Dbo is a class library written in C#. Based on RC.Sql it grants access to relational databases and treats database requests, elements and result sets as objects. Product features of the underlying database are managed by RC.Sql into a unified shape, so RC.Sql doesn't need to take care of them.
RC.Dbo maps tables to objects. A table object is to be implemented in a so-called Dom-class. Within this class for each table-column one property is defined. Access on the columns is done using the appropriate property. One instance of this class represents one dataset of the table.