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Download of RC.Sql and RC.Dbo

Currently only the German versions of the class-libraries RC.Sql and RC.Dbo are available.

This page leads you to the download of the class-libraries RC.Sql and RC.Dbo including the licenses for personal use only. Please read the terms of the license agreement. Download our products only if you accept all terms of the agreement.

§1 Subject of agreement

This agreement refers to the computer programs and development libraries (hereinafter called "software") and the enclosed documentation. The licensee is granted the right to use the software free of charge by the REIMERS CONSULT GmbH (hereinafter called "licensor"). The parties hereunder agree, that the latest technological standards do not guarantee software programs to function entirely without error in all applications and combinations.

§2 Scope of license

The licensee may install the software on a private personal computer, load it into the user memory and run it accordingly. The licensee may only use the software for strictly private purposes. Public utilities are classed as commercial or business premises. Similarly, the software may not be used in a home office for commercial or business purposes. The licensee may make one backup of the software.

§3 Restrictions of license

The licensee is forbidden in particular to reproduce the software in whole or in part on the same or other media outside the limits indicated in §2. The licensee may not modify, translate, reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble or generate works derived from the software, or to reproduce, translate or modify the written material or generate works derived therefrom. The software may not be passed on, rented or leased to a third party for business purposes, or used in any other form for commercial purposes.

§4 Rights in the licensed product

The licensor shall remain the owner of all the rights in the licensed products, even though the licensee may modify the licensed product or combine it with own or third parties' programs. The documentation submitted to the licensee remains in the ownership of the licensor.

§5 Term of agreement

The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. The licensee's right to use the software shall end automatically without notice in the event of non-compliance with any of the conditions of this agreement. On termination of the right of use, the licensee is obliged to uninstall the software from his/her computer system. He/she is also obliged to destroy all copies of the software together with all written material and all copies thereof, including any modified copies.

§6 Third party property rights

The licensor is liable for the licensed products be free of any third parties' rights that would restrict or exclude the use in accordance with the contracted scope. If the contractually agreed use is prejudiced by any third parties' property rights, the licensor has the right - in the extent in which the licensee can reasonably be expected to tolerate - to either modify the licensed product in such a way as to let it drop out of the protected sphere, or to obtain the authorization to use the licensed product without any limitations and at no additional cost to the licensee in accordance with the agreement.

§7 Warranty

The right to use this software is granted to the licensee free of charge. It is not therefore subject to any sales or warranty legislation. The licensee must accept this program in its currently available form, and is consequently not entitled to any warranty claims.

§8 Liability

Under any claim the liability of the licensor under this agreement shall be excluded. As far as the liability is excluded or limited, this exclusion or limitation also includes the personal liability of employees, legal representatives and vicarious agents. This limitation of liability shall not be applicated as far as the damage is caused by intent and/or gross negligence. It is also shall not be applicated on all claims arising from the Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz). As far as the licensor infringes essential obligations of this contract in slight negligence, the liability shall be limited to damages that have to be reckoned with to typically occur.

§9 Choice of law and venue

This agreement will be signed in Germany and be governed exclusively by German law. The application of the UN Sales Convention (CISG) is explicitly excluded. Exclusive venue for both parties shall be Hannover.

§10 Written form requirement

Any modifications of and/or amendments to this agreement or its annexes, as well as any future amendments and all legal transactions during its performance shall only be effective if made in writing. Both parties acknowledge that in addition to this document there is no further oral or implicit acceptance.

§11 Language version

The original copy of this agreement shall be made out in German language. For convenience only, an English translation is attached. In case of doubt, the German version shall prevail.

§12 Interpretation of the agreement

If any of the provisions of this agreement should be invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, that will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In such a case the parties shall replace such invalid provision by mutual consent by another legally effective provision meeting the purpose of the abolished provision to the greatest extent possible. If the parties fail to reach an agreement in this respect, any of the parties may request the court to replace the abolished provision.
If you accept the license agreement, follow this link to download the file.